Our Company

Facets Jewels is an eminent online jewellery marketplace showcasing leading brands of jewellery and bestow an extensive array of fine jewellery. Facets Jewels is a Jewelry Manufacturer and reseller that houses high quality fine Jewelry with striking exquisite designs over the years our unique designs have won the hearts of locals and visitors from different parts of the world.We present a virtual ambiance of dazzles and grace, meant for our customers to have endless choices across our categories of regal diamond jewelley, majstic gold jewellery, splendid silver & fashion jewellery.  Then and now – we wish to endeavor our customers, with a universe of high-end jewels of intricate designs and genuine finish. Following a tangent of mesmerizing art of pearls jewels, watches and artifacts,  gold coins with exclusive imprints and gift vouchers too. Facets Jewels serves you with the finest and biggest spectrum of branded jewelry under one roof. With the true demonstration of the exceptional, our committed focus is to achieve excellence in all Facetss of design, craftsmanship & service. With its affordable rates and unique shopping experience, Facets Jewels is your one stop destination for making any given day an occasion with the best products in jewelry.


Craftsmanship is at the heart of every jewelry of Facets Jewels.Renowned for its signature magnificent pieces and rare craftsmanship, Facets Jewels harmonizes classical tradition, with modern interpretation of ancient aesthetic and techniques.

Facets Jewelshas the rare privilege of controlling the entire production process for its watches, from the initial design to the final finishes,  Facets Jewels is well-equipped to take on the challenge. By bringing together specialized crafts under one roofs, Facets Jewels has equipped itself to carry the very boldest concepts to fruition, while at the same time maintaining full control over the exacting standards of quality it sets for its watches.

Our Global Presence

Facets Jewels is an innovative online jewellery brand that showcases international styles of fashion jewellery and accessories from around the globe. Drawing inspiration from international runway jewellery & accessory trends. Facets Jewel’s operations span the globe.  With a team of highly trained professionals operating in state-of-the-art infrastructure, we leverage our extensive market reach and superior manufacturing capabilities to consistently deliver best-in-class products.